Monday, May 16, 2016

Unscuttle Review- Last chance for a FREE READ!

Reader's Favorite 5-Star Review:

Unscuttle: 2049-2080 by L.W. Brook is a fascinating thriller set in the future between 2049 and 2080. Isaak Kazimir, an emigrant and one of the most intelligent students at the Amser University, Florida, wants to put his skills to use. He can’t afford to see the world go to ruin, so he dreams of the impossible --- he dreams of ruling the world, and how he plans to do it is what will surprise readers. The question is: Will he succeed and can anyone stop him? The book is a multi-genre kind of work that is as engaging as it is suspenseful, one that will provide the ride many readers will enjoy.

L.W. Brook doesn’t waste time in introducing the key players in this breathtaking ride and readers will immediately be smitten by the beautiful prose that flows with powerful imagery and detailed descriptions. Kazimir is introduced as a controversial character from the onset and the reader already has the idea that he will be trouble. The characters are very real and believable, and the conflict that develops between them helps to speed up the plot. The book covers a wide range of themes, including what greed can do to a world that could have been beautiful and a home to everyone. This is a book I will be recommending to anyone seeking a futuristic kind of read with a unique take on intrigue and conspiracy. Unscuttle: 2049-2080 is very entertaining and a well-crafted story that will blow the minds of readers.

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