Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Follow the link above to read Unscuttle: 2049-2080 (first in the Unbelieve series) for FREE!

Isaak Kazimir is a young, intelligent visionary. What he has planned for the future could change lives- save lives- easily, no doubt. However, his vision has a lot less life.. and a little more red.
Back of jacket: Chaos and madness are two words not uncommonly found together. Chaos brings disorder and confusion while madness thrives from just that. Alone, they are but simple words. Chaos. Madness. Horrifying words, but words no less. However, together they are a concept- a never ending cycle that can thrive eternally from one another. And when such sync racy thrives- sanity and order keel. But what is truly most frightening.. is when one finds inspiration from within such an assortment.

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