Tuesday, May 17, 2016

4-Star Reader's Favorite Review (FREE science-fiction novel)

UNSCUTTLE:2049-2080 4-Star Review
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Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

L.W. Brook’s Unscuttle: 2049-2080 takes place in a not so distant future. The year is 2049; the place is Amer University. Only the brightest of the bright attend this place of higher education. Isaak Kazimir is an eleven-year-old transfer from Russia, the youngest student on campus. He is bullied, but takes a stand; he will not be mocked. His intelligence surpasses even his instructors. He boldly proclaims to his abusers that he will change the world: “I will be your god.” Isaak befriends Caspar Wendall, and although they have little in common other than their advanced understanding of science, they soon become inseparable. Isaak vows to keep Caspar safe, and there are no limits to what he would do to protect Caspar. Isaak Kazimir has a dark side, and an evil, diabolic aura that fuels his intelligence. He is dangerous, and views those that need help as liabilities, targets for elimination. With graduation and a PhD. in hand, Isaak Kazimir sets his sights on a New World Order – he will be its god. He will not stop until it is so. 

Unscuttle: 2049-2080 opens the door to a New World Order. Brooks takes the mad in “mad scientist” to a brand new level; his main character is both brilliant and evil. “Kazimir could make insanity appear sane, and what was pure, madness.” This science fiction novel is more about the scientist than the science. Actually, very little explanation is given about the generator that sustains the dystopian world created in the narrative. The relationship between the main character and his side kick is beyond peculiar, it is creepy weird. At times, it is brotherly, other times paternal, as a father protecting his child, the greater taking care of the lesser, yet over time it develops into a one sided infatuation that becomes toxic and controlling in nature. The plot is intriguing and moves swiftly through time, making it a quick read. The title denotes a time frame, and as time begins to run out, so does the story. Its abrupt conclusion leaves you stunned and wanting answers; there’s got to be more to this story.

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