Saturday, July 16, 2016

Art/Music/Film/Photo/Cosplay/Writing- Needed!

Amser Studios
Artists/musicians/filmmakers/ photographers/cosplayers/writers/ect... Welcome!

Contribute your undiscovered (or discovered) work to a new collaboration called, Amser Studios.
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What is Amser Studios?
We are a collection of work based off of the indie "Amser Universe". AKA, a collection of stories being brought to life by artists, musicians, filmmakers, ect, everywhere!

What can you do?
Pick a story found on our site
Read it (or just a preview/summary to get an understanding of it) and create something! Sew a quilt, film a preview, paint a picture, create a jam(either musically or in a jar)- whatever you do best!

So far, we're mostly pieces of art, which can be found here
However, we hope to broaden those horizons with your help!
In promoting the studio, you also promote yourself and other artists, as well!

Please help by making a contribution of either your work, or a donation to the studio here so that we can build awareness (as well as an official site)

Thank you!

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