Friday, June 3, 2016

Unscuttle: 2049-2080 Special Edition

UNSCUTTLE: 2049-2080 Special Edition- Coming soon!
Get your book reviewer blog inside the pages of L. W. Brook's special edition novel by submitting a review! Just email for your free reviewer copy. All reviewers receive a bookmark and a special thanks inside the printed copy of the first Amser Studios special edition novel. (Regardless of the star rating)
Not a blogger? Still submit the link(s) for your review to to receive a free bookmark!

What's so special about this Special Edition?
Amser Studios novels exist within the same "Amser Universe". These special novels will help connect these stories with puzzle piece bindings, a message from the author, an Amser Universe timeline, and more!

Read Unscuttle: 2049-2080 HERE!

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