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Audio Book- Something New, An Amser Studios Short Story

Audio book: Something New

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb (Hope, #2)

The second novelette in the "Hope" series is almost here!!
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Hope: The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb
(Sequel to Hope: A Study In Scarlet)
This twisted game Hope and Dr. Watson have been forced into is about to take an unexpected and overwhelming turn. It's a question of genius versus insanity as Hope struggles to gather any and all information on this supposed "Moriarty" before his next strike.
A broken window, severed thumb, and trip to prison later leads our crime fighting duo into a conspiracy theory that threatens to shut down the London water supply and eventually cripple the entire After World alliance.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Art For AmserStudios

Find Hope And Assembly Of Planets Art HERE!!

Hope: Read HERE
(Someone has taken to falsifying records, destroying careers, and killing the innocent all to rewrite a classic)

Assembly Of Planets: Read HERE
(At the fall of council, Jupiter finds herself trapped in the Assembly as one of Fate's chosen candidates for next council. Thus, she must now complete the creator's trials in hopes of someday returning to her homeland)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Watercolor Tea Cup Tutorial (DIY)

Watercolor Tea Cup Tutorial (DIY)

Create your own "Assembly Of Planets" watercolor tea cups by following the tutorial below and replacing coffee mugs with tea cups! 
Note From Amser Studios: To create an authentic novelette prop for your Assembly Of Planets novelette tea party, use either blue (For Jupiter) or red (For Callisto) nail polish! 
Find the first novelette in the series Assembly Of Planets HERE
Learn more about Amser Studios HERE
Assembly Of Planets, #1
Watercolor Tea Cups DIY

Art/Music/Film/Photo/Cosplay/Writing- Needed!

Amser Studios
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What can you do?
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Read it (or just a preview/summary to get an understanding of it) and create something! Sew a quilt, film a preview, paint a picture, create a jam(either musically or in a jar)- whatever you do best!

So far, we're mostly pieces of art, which can be found here
However, we hope to broaden those horizons with your help!
In promoting the studio, you also promote yourself and other artists, as well!

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Exclusive Offer!

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What is this?
Isolated on Jupiter is the short story I wrote many years ago when a friend of mine lost their granny. She asked me to tell her a story and this is what I came up with on the spot. 
Years later, it became the Fantasy/Sci-Fi novelette series, Assembly Of Planets.
These novelettes come out every Tuesday!

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th Of July Early Release- Callisto, The Moon

Early, 4th of July Release- Callisto, The Moon (AOP, #3)

Short Summary: During first trial, Jupiter is shown her affect on the creator's plan. Memories of Jupiter and her moon, Callisto, resurface.

Assembly Of Planets Series: When the lead council's best interests are brought into question, the Assembly votes to reconstruct the ten seats of council. In doing so, selected candidates are subjected to numerous trials of fate and justice. Jupiter, a self-denounced member of the original council, quickly finds herself an involuntary candidate and the single connection to a string of murders.

Callisto, The Moon is the third released novelette of this mind twisting fantasy series.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pre-release Sample- Callisto, The Moon

Callisto, The Moon: During first trial, Jupiter is shown her affect on the creator's plan.
Water vapor.
It rises in a chaotic mist, escaping the confines of a metal chamber the second the liquid it originates from is poured from the entrapping kettle.
Red in color and hot to touch.
The flavor is classic. Rich, and full. Perfect for any occasion.
Black tea is poured into two tea cups, one painted with a blue splash of water color, and the other red.
Light reflects from the liquid. It gives the red of the tea an almost orange-ish hue at it's center where white light bounces off of it.
The surface is steady, peaceful, unmoving. That changes when a cube of sugar is dropped into the blue tea cup. This creates ripples that spread out until inevitably hitting the porcelain edge and being forced to bounce back toward the center. The sugar immediately disintegrates in the red liquid, losing it's cubic shape. Honey. Rich. Sweet. It's poured into the black tea to pool at the bottom of the cup.
Again, the surface manages to restore balance.
 And still, the vapors rise. The heat rises.
Callisto lifts a small glass spoon and slides it into Jupiter's morning cup of tea. He swirls it. This creates light clang after clang, the noise quiet and repetitive.
Jupiter watches this process from the small, twin sized bed in the moon's chambers. She was ashamed to say she'd taken over the small room after the morning prior, but Callisto didn't seem to mind.
At least her room was bigger, he had told her the night prior before leaving to make home in Jupiter's own chambers.
Callisto taps the stirring spoon twice against the china, then sets it down on the tray taking up the entirety of the room's miniature nightstand/dresser. His eyes dart up to Jupiter, who's holding a large pillow against her chest, before he struggles to push her tea cup and saucer any closer to her.
“You don't have to kneel on the floor, you know...” Jupiter whispers against the pillow.
Her hair is down. It's tangled itself from her recent lack of self care. The red strands fall messily down her nightgown covered back. This gown, of sorts, is far less decorative than the ones she wears in public. Instead of vibrant, eye catching colors and designs, it's simple. Plain. It's not meant to be seen.
Callisto smiles at the tea. “I'm afraid this is a moon's quarter's, Miss Jupiter.” He raises a brow as he looks pointedly around them. The room is truly tiny. In fact, his back is pressed against the wall that sports the small, automatic pocket door for an exit. Jupiter's bed, even, is forced to press up against three of the room's walls, the exception being the one Callisto connects with. The wall at the foot of Jupiter's bed holds the only window in the room. It's not much, but Jupiter will take it over her own cage of a room any day. Brow still raised, Callisto smiles to Jupiter. “The options aren't exactly vast.”
Jupiter's line of sight falls downcast, then she moves a hand to pat what little space is left on the small bed. It's an offering, an invitation.
Callisto pinches a smile and stands. He doesn't have to take so much as half a step before he reaches the mattress and takes a seat. Wordlessly, he reaches over to pick Jupiter's tea cup off of the nightstand. Dark, red eyes stare at Callisto's hands as they wrap around the heated china. They're off colored, particularly the fingers of his left hand and wrist. Splotches are darker than the rest of his skin- what little can be seen of it from over the confines of his white, suffocating uniform, that is. Burns. They're burns he's left untreated. Burns from having caught her when Farge knocked her off balance. Burns from when she'd simply been startled. From when she'd momentarily lost control.
Callisto raises Jupiter's cup and saucer out to her. “Here.” He smiles. “I know how you get without your morning tea.”
Jupiter releases her grip on the pillow and straightens her back. Without making eye contact, she takes the offering from Callisto, careful not to touch his skin. “Thank you...” She whispers.
Callisto gives a weak nod in response and reaches for his own tea. He takes a sip. It's bitter, plain. Just how he likes it. Nothing fancy, just... organic flavor.
He lifts the cup to his lips to take another drink. As he does so, he looks around the room until his eyes catch on the window. Outside of it is the inside of the manner. One can see little more than glass walkways and the ground lobby. Callisto's throat makes a disapproving humm. His brows furrow. Pulling the cup from his lips, he muses, “Who would possibly want a view of that?”
Cup raised to her own lips, Jupiter smiles around the rim. It fades fast, however, when Callisto turns away from the window and goes back to looking over the rest of what should have been his room.
Jupiter and Callisto walk through the halls of the manner, only stopping once they've reached the small room Loi had used the day prior for his interrogations. Murder. There had been a murder just one day ago, and yet here they were... dancing through hoops to find another useless council. A council that cares more about their own benefit than finding a ruthless killer. Callisto sighs and extends the purple council candidate jacket he had folded over his arm out to Jupiter. “If you get cold.” He prompts. He'd been trying to get her to take it all morning. It was a mandatory uniform, not optional.
“I'd sooner freeze to death.”
Callisto barks out a laugh that jolts his body forward. Nervously, he composes himself and looks around for any other planets. He's afraid. Afraid of being caught with a personality, a mind of his own. Moons were supposed to be loyal servants, not people. Just yesterday he'd been reminded of that. Just yesterday he'd been stripped of the humanity the creator blessed him with, and in return given the order to blend in. To act like a moon, a servant. Not a human being.
At the hall's emptiness, he nods through a smile and straightens out. “Understood.”
Jupiter nods back, and turns to face the room for first trial.
“Oh, and Miss Jupiter?” Callisto calls.
She turns her head to the side, but doesn't actually look at Callisto when he says, “Give them your worst.” Jupiter darts her eyes up to Callisto. There's a promise within them. “Absolutely.”
The door slides open.
Light filters in through the hall, illuminating the room Loi and Eldred are sitting in. They look tired, exhausted. They've been here since first trial started the night prior. “Miss Jupiter. Please, take a seat.” Loi instructs. His voice is calm, if not a little shaky. He clears his throat. “Then we shall begin.”
Jupiter nods and walks up to the table in the room. The door closes automatically behind her. Again, the room is darkened. The only light now emits dully from behind Loi. She takes a seat and smooths out the wrinkles in her dark red gown. Loi sits across from her and Eldred, the two seated directly beside one another with their backs to the door. “Welcome to first trial.” Loi greets with a tired smile. “How do you feel?”
“Disinterested...” She mutters with a dart of deep red eyes around the room.
Eldred cracks a smile. Loi releases a long breath and leans back in his seat. “Miss Jupiter, what is important to you? Anything?”
Staring passively at the ground, Jupiter asks, “Excuse me?”
Loi smiles. It's full this time. “What do you care about above all else?”
Jupiter's eyes dart to Loi's. “Freedom.”
There's a beat of silence in the room, then Loi asks, “Really? Above all else? There's nothing or no one you care more about?” Jupiter's line of sight takes an uncomfortable pitfall to the ground. She doesn't have to respond. He knows the answer. “What would you do... if the most important thing in the whole universe was taken from you?”
“Priorities change throughout time.”
Her eyes are wandering the room as she says this, incapable of anchoring on any one sight. Loi bites his lip and nods. “I suppose. But right now, what would you do?”
There's no response.
“Do you even know?”
“Of course I know.” She responds. “It's happened before.”

Monday, June 27, 2016

Castle In A Red Storm Sci-fi/Fantasy/Mystery

Purchase HERE for $0.99
"Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?"
My most recent book is actually a science fiction/fantasy/murder mystery type novelette series I'm working on, Assembly Of Planets. Now, the original idea for "Castle In A Red Storm" or volume 1 of the series, was supposed to be a one shot short story for my friend after she lost her grandmother.
The story came out of the blue when she asked me to distract her/tell her a story. I said, "Alright, I'll give it a shot."
Naturally death had me thinking about the stars and our expansive universe, so I decided to narrow that already inspirational thought process down to Jupiter.
"Once upon a time" I started, as though she were a child.
And so the story began.
I told her all about Princess Jupiter and how she isolated herself in her castle. Mind you, this was a very short story I made up on the spot. But my friend liked it, appreciated it, even.
It was a cute story. Simple. Sweet. Perhaps a little melancholy, at parts.
But that was that, and when it was over, it was gone. Done. It took years for that little story to come back to me, but when it did... It came back with a voice. A plot.
It was no longer a child's bedtime story, it was alive. It had purpose. It wanted to be heard.
And so, I tell it.
Muder, politics, stars, universe ending vortexes. That's what this beast has become, and I absolutely adore it.
I hope you do to.
Updates in the "Assembly Of Planets" series are made every Tuesday, so stay tuned if that's your cup of tea!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Assembly Of Planets- Castle In A Red Storm Excerpt

Assembly Of Planets
Castle In A Red Storm

A Novelette

The light is red.
The vibrant color seeps through thick curtains that hang over several towering windows. There's a Victorian theme in this castle, as though it were plucked right out of England. But it wasn't.
Outside there lays a red fog. The color swirls through thick gasses, making it impossible to see anything but the planet's atmosphere.
Jupiter. This is the castle of Jupiter. The heart of the planet.
Curled up on a chair beside the dark curtains is a young woman. Her eyes and hair match the deep red of the planet's surface, as though she were a representation of the planet, itself.
This woman has tucked herself in the corner of the spacious room, her red ballgown of a dress wrinkled from her balled up position within the golden armchair.
There's a knock at the door.
“Come in...” She whispers.
The door falls open with a heavy creak.
In steps a man, poised and punctual. He's dressed in a tailed coat and tie.
A servant.
A butler.
Callisto. A moon of Jupiter.
His hair is chalk white and eyes light gray. All moons share these characteristics. Colorless. Inferior.
He frowns, as though put out by something.
“Miss Jupiter... Is now really the time to be sulking about?”
Jupiter doesn't respond. Instead, she pulls lightly at the curtain to get a better look at her planet's surface. The red light from beyond the window captures the side of Jupiter's face. This leaves the other side shadowed.
“I believe this to be the perfect occasion for sulking, Callisto...” She mutters to the window.
Callisto sighs and dares an eye roll.
“You pain me, Miss Jupiter.” He declares whilst stepping forward.
Callisto walks directly up to the window Jupiter has perched beside and pulls back the curtains. The room becomes illuminated by the red light of the planet. Outside, a strike of lightning clashes against the fog.
Jupiter winces.
“You know you have an assembly to attend, Miss Jupiter.” Callisto declares with a walk up to Jupiter's made bed. Upon the covers lay two packed bags. The smaller is neatly placed upon the larger.
“Tell them I can't make it.” Jupiter says in a voice just loud enough to be heard by her servant.
Callisto gives Jupiter a disapproving look. She catches this, then looks back outside.
“There's a storm...” She tries.
“And who's fault is that?” Callisto scoffs. He's smiling as he picks up Jupiter's bags from off of her bed. “Miss Jupiter..”
Jupiter looks to Callisto through the corner of her eye.
Callisto tilts his head and pinches his smile.
“I promise... You will be back before you know it.”  
Jupiter's gaze falls downward, then darts back up through the window.
“Please don't pretend you can promise me that...”
Far from the galaxy we've claimed as our own rests Kaliph, a small spiral galaxy not yet discovered by man.
Within this galaxy exists the dwarf star, Zephyr.
The star is small, it's matter compact just enough to create a gravitational pull for the Assembly that's chosen to orbit it.
This Assembly is known as The Assembly Of Planets.
Planets and moons have been personified by the creator to uphold the original plan of the universe. They station themselves is this metallic fortress so that when a problem arises, they may take immediate action.
These Assembly members identify themselves with dark red jackets and silver, circular badges. Those lucky enough to be given a form of the creator's most prized creation, human beings, are invited to join the Assembly. Rarely to they decline.
However, among these members of the Assembly, are the council. Only the planets of the solar system of the original human race are given seats at council.
They separate themselves with navy blue jackets and golden broaches. Only they have the power to direct the Assembly. Only they have the power to decide what is to be done about pieces that don't match the puzzle. They control the Assembly. And they control the direction of the universe. It is the Council's sworn duty to make sure the creator's plans are fulfilled.
Ten golden chairs sit at the ground level of the Assembly's court room. However, due to recent events, only seven are actually being used. And so, the Assembly begins to wonder... Perhaps the perfect solar system wasn't destined to rule the council, after all...
“I must have you all know that I stand by what I've done. Regardless of the consequences.” Mother Earth declares from within the privacy of her own office chamber. She's sitting at a large metal desk with a wall of glass at her back. From behind her, one can see Zephyr, the bright blue star they orbit.
Draped across the room's furniture are the six other remaining members of council. They wear their navy blue jackets and gold, circular Assembly broaches with pride.
From a dull, almost purplish blue armchair, Mars begins to rub at his broach. He's quirking his brow when he says, “Well I don't. Not if it's going to cost me my rank in this council.” There's a moments pause. He releases his hold on his broach. “Or worse...”
Sitting beside Mars on an identical armchair, scowls Venus. She crosses her arms, leans back, and pops out her jaw in frustration. “We all chose to exile those two.” She glares. “Don't forget that, Mars.”
Saturn stands beside the office doorway. He stares at the floor and fusses with the hem of his jacket. Saturn hides his unusual sand colored eyes by dark bangs and thick framed glasses. When he does glance upward, he catches Mother Earth's gaze and startles. “It was the...” He pushes up his glasses with the middle finger of his right hand. “Logical... decision. After all, they did not meet the requirements necessary to qualify as a planet...” Saturn's voice is weak, timid.
“So now we all have to pay the price for their inadequacy?” Mars scoffs. His messy blonde hair sways with the abrupt kickback. “That hardly seems fair!” He barks.
Saturn twitches at the raise in Mars' voice.
Neptune stands beside Saturn. Her raven colored hair twists with messy curls and uneven bangs. If it weren't for their eyes, the two could almost look like twins. That said, Neptune's bold blue eyesight is perfectly fine as she watches her brother curl with discomfort.

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Unscuttle: 2049-2080 Special Edition

UNSCUTTLE: 2049-2080 Special Edition- Coming soon!
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Amser Studios novels exist within the same "Amser Universe". These special novels will help connect these stories with puzzle piece bindings, a message from the author, an Amser Universe timeline, and more!

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Free Signed Copy Giveaway! (Fantasy Novella)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Fallen Angels of Hell by L.W. Brook

The Fallen Angels of Hell

by L.W. Brook

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Free Bookmarks


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Barnes And Noble Read- Start here with the Amser Universe!

$10.99 Paperback or $0.99 kindle/Free for unlimited users

Summary: Isaak Kazimir is nothing short of genius. He's eleven when he first emigrates from Russia to Amer University, Florida- not that anyone would notice given his over developed personality.
Other top prodigies quickly find the boy a threat they have no choice but to eliminate if they want to uphold their rank and funds they've worked for years to achieve.
However, not all at the university take an immediate disliking to the boy. Instead, Caspar Wendall winds up befriending the genius. This leads to nothing but complications for them both as Isaak continues his course for brilliance and perfection.
For his only goal in life is to change the world.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

4-Star Reader's Favorite Review (FREE science-fiction novel)

UNSCUTTLE:2049-2080 4-Star Review
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Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

L.W. Brook’s Unscuttle: 2049-2080 takes place in a not so distant future. The year is 2049; the place is Amer University. Only the brightest of the bright attend this place of higher education. Isaak Kazimir is an eleven-year-old transfer from Russia, the youngest student on campus. He is bullied, but takes a stand; he will not be mocked. His intelligence surpasses even his instructors. He boldly proclaims to his abusers that he will change the world: “I will be your god.” Isaak befriends Caspar Wendall, and although they have little in common other than their advanced understanding of science, they soon become inseparable. Isaak vows to keep Caspar safe, and there are no limits to what he would do to protect Caspar. Isaak Kazimir has a dark side, and an evil, diabolic aura that fuels his intelligence. He is dangerous, and views those that need help as liabilities, targets for elimination. With graduation and a PhD. in hand, Isaak Kazimir sets his sights on a New World Order – he will be its god. He will not stop until it is so. 

Unscuttle: 2049-2080 opens the door to a New World Order. Brooks takes the mad in “mad scientist” to a brand new level; his main character is both brilliant and evil. “Kazimir could make insanity appear sane, and what was pure, madness.” This science fiction novel is more about the scientist than the science. Actually, very little explanation is given about the generator that sustains the dystopian world created in the narrative. The relationship between the main character and his side kick is beyond peculiar, it is creepy weird. At times, it is brotherly, other times paternal, as a father protecting his child, the greater taking care of the lesser, yet over time it develops into a one sided infatuation that becomes toxic and controlling in nature. The plot is intriguing and moves swiftly through time, making it a quick read. The title denotes a time frame, and as time begins to run out, so does the story. Its abrupt conclusion leaves you stunned and wanting answers; there’s got to be more to this story.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Unscuttle Review- Last chance for a FREE READ!

Reader's Favorite 5-Star Review:

Unscuttle: 2049-2080 by L.W. Brook is a fascinating thriller set in the future between 2049 and 2080. Isaak Kazimir, an emigrant and one of the most intelligent students at the Amser University, Florida, wants to put his skills to use. He can’t afford to see the world go to ruin, so he dreams of the impossible --- he dreams of ruling the world, and how he plans to do it is what will surprise readers. The question is: Will he succeed and can anyone stop him? The book is a multi-genre kind of work that is as engaging as it is suspenseful, one that will provide the ride many readers will enjoy.

L.W. Brook doesn’t waste time in introducing the key players in this breathtaking ride and readers will immediately be smitten by the beautiful prose that flows with powerful imagery and detailed descriptions. Kazimir is introduced as a controversial character from the onset and the reader already has the idea that he will be trouble. The characters are very real and believable, and the conflict that develops between them helps to speed up the plot. The book covers a wide range of themes, including what greed can do to a world that could have been beautiful and a home to everyone. This is a book I will be recommending to anyone seeking a futuristic kind of read with a unique take on intrigue and conspiracy. Unscuttle: 2049-2080 is very entertaining and a well-crafted story that will blow the minds of readers.

For A Limited Time!

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Unbelieve: 2096

2059 brought on a nuclear war that would kill billions. 2060 created a brutal New World- a place where only the strongest could survive. 2096 sought out an end to the chaos carried on throughout years past. 
Follow Oliver Anders as he's tested by the New World and thrown into something much bigger than himself and his pacifistic morals... 
One might find even their deepest beliefs changing in the worst of times.

Just $0.99! Find it HERE!

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Lucifer's Symphony: Movement One

Lucifer's Symphony: Movement One
Lucifer's Symphony is the latest series I'm working on for the "Amser Universe".
What it's about:
Fall back to the 1400's where kingdoms stand tall and witches hide within the shadows.
Amaryllis, one of the great kingdoms of Southern Italy finds itself shaken by a Summer storm of heavy cloud and ice. And yet, at the edge of this phenomenon, a village is turned to ash by a sudden flash of fire across their homes and farmland.
The king believes this to be an act of witchcraft- for the evil have summoned the devil.
However, while Lucifer walks the earth, there is often another who attracts the attention of the kingdom.

Stay tuned for more updates, excepts, and more!

Read FREE!

Follow the link above to read Unscuttle: 2049-2080 (first in the Unbelieve series) for FREE!

Isaak Kazimir is a young, intelligent visionary. What he has planned for the future could change lives- save lives- easily, no doubt. However, his vision has a lot less life.. and a little more red.
Back of jacket: Chaos and madness are two words not uncommonly found together. Chaos brings disorder and confusion while madness thrives from just that. Alone, they are but simple words. Chaos. Madness. Horrifying words, but words no less. However, together they are a concept- a never ending cycle that can thrive eternally from one another. And when such sync racy thrives- sanity and order keel. But what is truly most frightening.. is when one finds inspiration from within such an assortment.